Bin Mahmoud Metro Station Doha 2024

Bin Mahmoud Metro Station pulsates with the rhythm of a city on the move. More than just a transit hub, it’s a gateway to a kaleidoscope of experiences, beckoning you to delve into Doha’s rich cultural tapestry, modern marvels, and hidden gems.

Bin Mahmoud station sits on the Gold Line of the Doha Metro, from Al Azizyah station in the east to Ras Bu Aboud station in the west.

If you’re coming from Al Sadd station, Bin Mahmoud is the next stop on the line towards Msheireb station. If you hop on a Gold Line train at Al Sadd, you’ll roll into Bin Mahmoud next before continuing to Msheireb and beyond.

Map of Bin Mahmoud Metro Station Doha

Here are the loccation and bus routes:

Nearby Metro Station of bin Mahmoud metro station

Here is the nearby metro station:

Al Sadd1.0 km / 0.6 mi
Msheireb1.1 km / 0.7 mi
Al Bidda1.3 km / 0.8 mi
The White Palace1.6 km / 1.0 mi
Joaan1.8 km / 1.1 mi
Hamad Hospital1.8 km / 1.1 mi
Souq Waqif2.3 km / 1.4 mi
Nearby Metro Station of bin Mahmoud metro station

Accessibility Highlights at Bin Mahmoud Metro Station:

  • Smooth Sailing: Navigate confidently with clear signage, level surfaces, and spacious corridors.
  •  Ramp Up: Dedicated ramps and wide pathways make access a breeze for wheelchair users.
  •  Lift Off: Conveniently access to different levels via readily available lifts.
  •  Door to Door: Effortlessly enter and exit with automatic doors or easy-to-operate handles.
  •  Restroom Respite: Accessible toilets with grab bars and lowered sinks cater to diverse needs.
  •  Informed Choices: Plan your journey with pre-visit information available online and at the station.
  •  Escape Routes: Marked emergency exits and an alarm system ensure everyone’s safety.

On Which line is bin mahmoud metro station on?

Bin Mahmoud Metro Station is on the Gold Line.

What is the biggest metro station in Doha?

The biggest metro station in Doha is Msheireb Station. It is the central station where all three lines (Red, Green, and Gold) intersect.

How many metro stations are there in Doha?

There are a total of 37 metro stations in Doha.

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