Doha Metro Station Opening Time Today

Doha Metro Station Opening Time Today

Doha Metro Station opening Time operates under slightly adjusted weekend hours. They open at 2:00 PM and continue service until midnight. So, regardless of which station you wish to use, you can hop on the Doha Metro anytime after 2 PM and enjoy its efficient network until late evening.

Doha Metro Station Opening Time Today

Qatar Metro Timing Today

Train Timings:

Saturday to Thursday 6 AM to 3 AM
Friday9 AM to 3 AM
Qatar Metro Timing Today

Capacity Improvements:

  • All carriages switched to Standard Class to maximize passenger accommodation.
  •  Gold and Family Class is temporarily suspended until 22 December.
  •  Thirty-five additional gates were installed at nine key stations near stadiums and entertainment areas.
  •  One hundred ten metro trains deployed, operating for 21 hours daily.

Is Doha Metro open on Friday?

Yes, the Doha Metro is open on Fridays, but with slightly different hours than other days. Here’s a breakdown in hours:

  • Saturday to Wednesday: 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM
  • Thursday: 6:00 AM to 12:00 midnight
  • Friday: 2:00 PM to 12:00 midnight

What time does the metro start in Qatar?

The Doha Metro typically starts operating at 5:30 AM on weekdays (Sunday – Wednesday) and 6:00 AM on weekends (Thursday – Saturday).

When was Qatar Metro opened?

The Doha Metro officially opened its doors to the public in May 2019.

what is the closest metro station to Doha Metro Station?

Al Bidda Station: This station is on the Red Line and is about a 12-minute walk from Doha Metro Station.

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