Al Bidda Metro Station Doha

Al Bidda Metro Station Doha

Al Bidda Metro Station is a gateway to Doha’s soul. Situated in the city’s historic heart, it is a testament to the nation’s rich heritage and its ambitious vision for the future. As you descend into the station, the air hums with the quiet energy of countless journeys, each a thread woven into the tapestry of Doha’s daily life. There is always a south entrance Available at this station.

  • Al Bidda is served by two lines: Green Line (Al Riffa – Al Mansoura)
  •  Red Line (with two branches: Lusail – Al Wakra and Lusail – Hamad International Airport)
  • It’s an interchange station: You can switch between the Green and Red Lines at Al Bidda.
    •  On the Green Line: It’s preceded by Al Mansoura station.
    •  It’s followed by Msheireb station.
Preceded StationFollowed Station
Corniche stationMsheireb station
Al Bidda Metro Station Doha

Map of Al Bidda Metro Station Doha

Here are the map, Location and Parking:

Nearby Station of al bidda park metro station

Services at Al Bidda metro

Approach and Car Parking

  • Access to parking areas
  •  Space for maneuvering vehicles
  •  Clear and accessible routes

Entrances & Reception Areas

  • Door accessibility (width, handles, automatic options)
  •  Clear and visible signage
  •  Adequate space for manoeuvring
  •  Access for different mobility needs

Vertical Movement (within buildings/venues)

  • Availability and accessibility of lifts


  • Accessibility of toilets for those with disabilities


  • Provision of pre-visit information regarding accessibility features

Horizontal Movement

  • Space for manoeuvring within the building/venue
  •  Clear and accessible routes

Means of Escape

  • Presence and accessibility of alarms and emergency exits

Al Bidda Metro Station Doha to albidda park

The shortest distance from Al Bidda Metro Station Doha to Al Bidda Park is 3.1 km along Al Bidda/Majlis Al Taawon St, and it will take 5 minutes to drive. 

What is the biggest metro station in Doha?

Biggest Metro Station: Determining the “biggest” station can be subjective, depending on the criteria used. However, Msheireb Station is often considered Doha’s largest and most impressive. It’s the central interchange station for all three lines (Red, Green, and Gold) and features expansive underground spaces, shops, restaurants, and art installations.

Does Qatar metro go to airport?

Airport Access: The Doha Metro connects directly to Hamad International Airport through the Red Line, making it a convenient and affordable option for travellers arriving or departing Doha. The station is called “Hamad International Airport”.

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