Hamad International Airport Metro Station

Hamad International Airport Metro Station emerges as a gleaming portal to Doha’s vibrant heart. This state-of-the-art transportation hub blends futuristic design with Qatari heritage, offering a convenient and comfortable link between the bustling airport and the city’s cultural tapestry.

  • Red Line of Doha Metro Route: Runs from Lusail in the north to Hamad International Airport.
  •  Includes 18 stations along its route.
  •  Oqba Ibn Nafie station is located before the airport.
  •  The terminus station is situated after the airport.
  •  Key Stations: Connects major areas such as Lusail, West Bay, and Al Wakra.
  •  Significant Destinations: Lusail
  •  West Bay
  •  Al Wakra
  •  Airport Connectivity: Provides a crucial link between Hamad International Airport and various destinations.

Nearby Station of Najma Metro Station


  • Saturday to Wednesday: 6 AM to 11 PM
  • Thursday: 6 AM to midnight
  • Friday: 2 PM to midnight

Photos of Hammad Station

Here are the Photo of this station:

Hamad International Airport Metro Station

Services and Accessabilty

  • Approach and car parking: Manoeuvrability
  • Entrances and reception areas: Signage, Manoeuvrability, Access
  • External mobility: Access
  • Vertical movement: Lifts
  • Doors: Door accessibility
  • Toilets: Wc accessibility
  • Communication: Pre-visit information
  • Horizontal movement: Manoeuvrability, Signage, Access
  • Means of escape: Alarm

Is there any metro from Hamad International Airport?

Yes, a metro station right next to Hamad International Airport is called Hamad International Airport Metro Station. You can find it on Google Maps.

How do I get from Doha airport to city Centre metro?

To get from Doha Airport to Doha city centre metro station, you can take the Red Line towards Al Wakra. The journey takes about 48 minutes and covers 19.7 km. You can check the directions on Google Maps.

Is Doha Metro 24 hours?

Doha Metro operates from 6 am to 11 pm from Saturday to Wednesday, 6 am to 12 midnight on Thursdays, and 2 pm to 12 midnight on Fridays.

How much does the Doha Metro cost?

Single fare: QR2 (Standard), QR10 (Goldclub)
Day fare: QR6 (Standard), QR30 (Goldclub)

Map of Hamad International Airport Metro Station

Here are the location and Map:

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