Sikandarpur Metro Station

Vaishali Metro Station

Sikanderpur Metro Station, a vital Delhi Yellow Line hub, seamlessly connects you to the city’s vibrant energy. Opened in 2013, it has become a famous interchange with the Rapid Metro, serving over 300,000 daily commuters. Whether heading to bustling office districts, exploring cultural hotspots, or seeking convenient travel, Sikanderpur provides a swift and efficient journey.

  • Location: India, Delhi
  • Lines: Yellow Line & Rapid Metro
  • Platforms: 2 (Delhi Metro), 2 (Rapid Metro)
  • Connections: HUDA City Centre, Samaypur Badli, Sector 55-56, Phase 3
  • Features: Elevated station, parking, bicycle facilities, accessible
  • Opened: June 2010 (Delhi Metro), November 2010 (Rapid Metro)
Preceding stationThe following station
Guru Dronacharya towards Samaypur BadliMG Road towards HUDA City Centre
Phase 1 towards Sector 55–56Phase 2 towards Phase 3 via Moulsari Avenue
sikandarpur metro station

Map of Sikandarpur metro station

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