Sport City Metro Station

Sport City Metro Station

Sports City Metro Station is your portal to a pulsating world of athletic feats and sporting spirit. Nestled in the heart of Doha’s dynamic sports complex, this sleek station whisks you away from the cityscape, dropping you amidst vibrant arenas, world-class facilities, and an infectious energy that’ll have you itching to lace up your shoes.

Metro Lines via Sport City:

Preceding stationFollowing station
Al AziziyahAl Waab
Sport City Metro Station

Map of Sport City Metro Station

Services and facilites

  • Signage: Clear, concise, accessible signage for wayfinding and key information.
  •  Manoeuvrability: Ample space for wheelchairs and mobility aids to navigate freely.
  •  Access: Level thresholds, automatic doors, or low-effort push/pull doors.
  • Vertical Movement (within buildings/venues):
    •  Lifts: Adequate size and number of lifts, accessible buttons and controls, and clear signage.
  • Doors:
    •  Door Accessibility: Easy to open and close for everyone, automatic doors where feasible.
  • Toilets:
    •     WC Accessibility: Accessible stalls with grab bars, lowered mirrors and sinks, and emergency call buttons.
  • Communication:
    •  Previsit Info: Pre-visit information is readily available online or by phone, outlining accessibility features.
    •  Pre-Visit Information: Providing brochures or leaflets detailing accessible routes and facilities.
  • Horizontal Movement:
    •  Manoeuvrability: Wide, unobstructed corridors and walkways.
    •  Signage: Clear and consistent signage for wayfinding and emergency exits.
    •  Access: Ramped thresholds, accessible counter heights, designated accessible seating areas.
  • Means of Escape:
    •  Alarm: Clear and audible fire alarm system, with visual indicators for those with hearing impairments.
    •  Evacuation Routes: Marked and accessible evacuation routes for all.
    •  Assistance: Staff was trained to assist with evacuation if needed.
  • Additional Points:
    •  Parking: Designated accessible parking spaces close to building entrances.
    •  Lighting: Adequate lighting levels throughout the building.
    •  Ground Surfaces: Non-slip and level surfaces, avoiding raised thresholds or steps.
    •  Furniture: Movable furniture to allow for easy wheelchair access.
    •  Assistance: Staff trained to assist visitors with disabilities.

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