Al Shaqab Metro Station Qatar

Dive into the heart of Qatari culture and education at Al Shaqab Metro Station, a gleaming portal nestled within the historic district of Old Al Rayyan. Though its name whispers of the neighbouring Al Shaqab, this modern marvel rises proudly on Huwar Street, ready to whisk you away on the Green Line’s emerald tracks. Opened in 2019, Al Shaqab Station embodies Doha’s vibrant spirit, seamlessly blending tradition with contemporary elegance.

Green Line (Al Riffa – Al Mansoura)

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Qatar National LibraryAl Rayyan Al Qadeem
Al Shaqab Metro Station Qatar

Map of Al Shaqab Metro Station

Here are the location, Parking, and Map. There are also exit one and exit two available on this metro:

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Services and Feature

  • Signage: Clear, concise, and accessible (including braille and audio options).
  •  Manoeuvrability: Wide, level passages and doorways, free of obstacles.
    •  Ramps: Smooth, well-maintained, with appropriate gradients.
    •  Dropped kerbs: Accessible entry points from sidewalks.
    •  Tactile paving: Audible and textured warnings for visually impaired pedestrians.
  • VERTICAL MOVEMENT (within buildings/venues)
    •  Lifts: Accessible, with clear indicators and emergency features.
    •  Stairs: Wide, well-lit, with handrails on both sides.
    •  Door Accessibility: Automatic or easy to open for people with limited mobility.
    •  Door Width: Wide enough for wheelchairs and mobility scooters.
    •  WC Accessibility: Wheelchair-accessible stalls with grab bars and adequate space.
    •  Sink Accessibility: Lowered sinks and mirrors for wheelchair users.
    •  Previsit Info: Clear and detailed information about accessibility features is available online and in print.
    •  Pre-Visit Information: Availability of staff trained to assist disabled visitors.
    •  Manoeuvrability: Wide, level corridors and walkways, free of obstacles.
    •  Signage: Clear, concise, and accessible (including braille and audio options).
    •  Access: Accessible routes are available to all areas of the building.
    •  Alarm: Audible and visual fire alarms throughout the building.
    •  Escape Routes: Marked, well-lit, and free of obstacles.
    •  Refuge Areas: Safe areas for people with limited mobility to wait during an emergency.

Which is the biggest metro station in Qatar?

The biggest metro station in Qatar is Msheireb. It is the central station where all three lines of the Doha Metro meet.

Where is Al Shaqab?

Al Shaqab is a street in Ar Rayyan, Qatar. It is not a metro station.

How many stations are there in Qatar metro?

There are 37 stations in the Doha Metro.

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