Education City Metro Station Qatar

Education City Metro Station

Education City Metro Station is more than just a transportation hub; it’s a gateway to a world of knowledge, discovery, and endless possibilities. Nestled within the heart of Qatar’s thriving Education City, this sleek and modern station whisks you to a vibrant hub of academic excellence, cutting-edge research, and futuristic thinking.

Green Line (Al Riffa – Al Mansoura)

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Al RiffaQatar National Library
Education City Metro Station

Map of Education City Metro Station

Here are the Parking, Location, Bus Route and Map:

Nearby station of Education City Stadium Metro


Entrances & Reception Areas:

  • Signage: Clear and concise directional signage.
  •  Braille and tactile options for visually impaired individuals.
  •  Information is available in multiple languages.
  •  Manoeuvrability: Adequate space for wheelchair users and people with mobility aids.
  •  No steep inclines or narrow pathways.
  •  Non-slip flooring.

External Mobility:

  • Access: Ramped access and dropped kerbs.
  •  Designated accessible parking spaces.
  •  Tactile paving for visually impaired individuals.
  •  Vertical Movement (within buildings/venues): Sufficient accessible lifts serving all floors.
  •  Lifts with braille controls and audible floor announcements.
  •  Doors: Automatic or wide manual doors for easy access.
  •  Lever handles rather than knobs.


  • WC Accessibility: Accessible stalls with grab bars and lowered mirrors.
  •  Emergency call buttons within stalls.
  •  Adequate space for wheelchairs and mobility aids.


  • Pre-Visit Information: Website and printed materials clearly outlining accessibility features.
  •  Contact information for accessibility queries.

Horizontal Movement:

  • Manoeuvrability: Wide, level corridors and walkways.
  •  Avoid narrow doorways and sharp corners.
  •  Non-slip flooring.
  •  Signage: Clear wayfinding signage throughout the building/venue.
  •  Braille and tactile options for visually impaired individuals.
  •  Access: Level access to all areas or readily available alternative routes.

Means of Escape:

  • Alarm Systems: Visual and audible fire alarms for all areas.
  •  Low-frequency alarms for those with hearing difficulties.
  •  Escape Routes: Marked and well-maintained escape routes.
  •  Wide enough for wheelchairs and mobility aids.
  •  No dead-ends or locked doors.

Which is the biggest metro station in Qatar?

Determining Qatar’s “biggest” metro station can be interpreted differently. The metro station with the highest passenger capacity is Msheireb, a central interchange station on the Red, Green, and Gold lines. It boasts six platforms and can handle high passenger volumes during peak hours.

Is Qatar metro free for kids?

Sadly, the Qatar Metro is not free for children. All passengers above five require a travel card and pay the standard fare, regardless of age. The only exceptions are children under nine and adults with valid travel cards.

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